>Independent financial advisers

Independent financial advisers

Innovative solutions and high quality services for wealth managers

Adequity, is a leading structured solutions provider fully dedicated to wealth managers.

Adequity provides wealth managers with innovative solutions and high-quality services. It offers the leading expertise of SG CIB’s Global Markets division, with more than 2,600 professionals including 270 financial engineers.

Taking full advantage of SG CIB's financial engineering know-how, Adequity offers the best in terms of investment solutions.

New solutions and the latest techniques in structured management are regularly launched.

Adequity experts ensure the relevance of the product range to meet both market and economic expectations. They offer a wide variety of solutions for differing risk-return profiles using various underlying assets: fixed income, equities, commodities, mutual funds, hedge funds, etc.

A complete range of high value services

  • Marketing kits for each investment solution, with brochures, data sheets and more, to help you with distribution
  • Information tools such as an internet site reserved for wealth managers, newsletters and our partners' reporting
  • Daily liquidity on all products in the range
  • Structured management training for you and your sales force
  • Access to Société Générale's cross-asset research