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Family offices

Private investment banking for wealthy families and entrepreneurial holding companies

Protecting, developing and ensuring the longevity of personal and professional assets requires a global approach and tailor made initiatives.
To guarantee a fully personalized service you need a partner who understands, anticipates and adds value to your investment and asset holding strategy.

If you are the shareholder or leader of a holding company or of a large family company, the bankers of Private Investment Banking are by your side to meet your expectations.

Private Investment Banking combines the private banking and the corporate and investment banking arms of Societe Generale to serve the largest international family holding companies.

It provides entrepreneurial families with all of the Group’s products and services throughout its global network. With a single point of contact you will have a privileged access to all our experts who will provide tailor made solutions to meet your own specific requirements. The right specialist will always be available to meet your needs in terms of:

  • Corporate finance and private equity
  • Access to capital markets
  • Specialized financing
  • Structuring and wealth engineering
  • Investment products and solutions
  • Portfolio management services
  • Fund solutions
  • Research and asset allocation
  • Banking and custodian services
  • Hedging & yield enhancement
  • Commodities