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Global Finance

Offering a wide range of capital markets, structured financing and hedging tailor-made solutions as well as advisory services for international issuers worldwide.


Across Global Finance, supporting our clients is not only about financing deals. It’s about providing total solutions – capital raising, financing, hedging – that makes the real difference in helping them to meet their ambitions.

Our global leadership, based on in-depth understanding and expertise in sectors, structuring techniques and geographic reach, allows us to finance our clients' development or optimize their financial situations.

A Trusted Partner

We are the trusted partner of leading companies, financial institutions and governments in Europe and worldwide. From multinationals looking to grow their business to local authorities wanting to finance hospitals or roads, we combine lending capabilities with deep advisory expertise to create outstanding capital raising solutions that meet client financing demands.

Expertise in client markets

In everything we do, we look to support clients with real expertise in their sector — plus deep understanding of the different dynamics, regulations and tax issues within each geographic region in which they operate.
By offering capital raising, structuring and advisory strength, plus flawless execution, we give clients the confidence of a total financing solution.



Capital raising, financing and hedging solutions

Capital Raising

Innovative, tailor-made solutions for capital and capital raising strategies.
Capital raising, financing and hedging solutions

Structured Financing

Combining sector knowledge together with structuring skills.
Capital raising, financing and hedging solutions


Corporates and investment institutions solutions to hedge against the risks linked to key financial transactions.
Capital raising, financing and hedging solutions


A key component of Societe Generale’s originate to distribute model.