>Strategic Advisory & Capital Raising

Strategic Advisory & Capital Raising

A comprehensive range of strategic advisory and capital raising solutions

Strategic advisory and capital raising

Our investment banking approach comprises both strategic advisory and capital raising solutions. As a strategic advisor and partner to our clients, we provide services in:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • A comprehensive range of financial and advisory services to accompany your M&A strategy backed by specialist industry knowledge and proven capabilities in both local and cross-border executions for corporates and international financial institutions.

Debt restructuring & advisory

  • Advising non-investment grade companies seeking alternative financial structure solutions. We meet the needs of businesses undergoing restructuring, companies under LBO and private equity funds in transactions where Société Générale is not currently a lender.
  • Capitalising on the bank’s expertise in M&A, leveraged finance and financial sponsor coverage.

Strategic equity transactions

  • Offering shareholding management (strategic stakes or treasury shares), M&A related transactions and special situations, equity lines, employee saving plans and leveraged ESOP.
  • Delivering tailored solutions to corporates, financial institutions and funds.

Capital structure advisory

  • We analyse all aspects of our client’s capital structure from the CFO’s perspective and make recommendations on how it can be optimised
  • Capitalising on the bank’s areas of expertise and strong execution capabilities enables us to support a wide variety of our clients key business needs (e.g. acquisitions).