Private banks

A comprehensive portfolio management service for private banks

SG CIB offers private banks a global and integrated platform with an access to all asset classes - government bonds, agencies, investment grade & high yield, currencies, equities, commodities or cross asset.

Our goal is to answer all your needs in portfolio management by providing:

  • Global market information and trade ideas
  • Market access, direct exposure to securities
  • Short exposure
  • Repo and yield optimisation
  • Long position financing
  • Portfolio diversification and protection
  • Alpha generation

A large range of services dedicated to the management of your performance

Research: With one of the most renowned research teams in the industry and a unique cross-asset approach, we suggest diversifying trade ideas.
Cash: This advisory skill is coupled with first-class execution in rates, credit, forex, cash equity and commodities. Our strong trading experience and excellent electronic tools make SG CIB one of the leading providers for most Top-Tier asset managers.
Derivatives: As a large liquidity provider in repo and equity finance and flow derivatives, we offer a full range of financial instruments, from certificates and futures to dedicated swaps and dynamic portfolio swaps.