Pension funds

Advisory, risk and investment management services

We aim to be the market leader in pension solutions by consistently providing our clients with the highest standards of advisory, risk and investment management services.

SG CIB’s Pension Funds team works closely with clients to develop strategic solutions that comply with the best accounting, regulatory and risk management practices. We recognise that these solutions must be sustainable and also meet the objectives of the relevant stakeholders. The team also provides advisory services as well as a wide range of relevant pension implementation services and products.

We offer our clients access to our unique combination of pension, insurance and corporate finance expertise. Our relationships and in-depth knowledge of the insurance and pensions markets are instrumental in deriving the most (cost-) efficient solution available for each relevant jurisdiction and pension plan.

Pension management roadmap 

Defined Benefit plans are proving hard to manage from a cost and risk perspective. As a result, an increasing number of defined benefit pension plans are in the process of being closed to new members and in some cases to future accruals (hard freeze). Plan sponsors seek ways to remove legacy pension risks from their balance sheets and income statements. SG CIB has developed a roadmap that serves as the basis for addressing the pensions issue and can propose solutions in the context of prudent corporate pensions plan management. We help our clients to choose the appropriate options with a cost/benefit analysis for the plan sponsor and for the pension members.