Hedge funds

Hedge fund specialists to assist hedge fund managers in all their needs

Single hedge funds

Our dedicated alternative investment team is active in a wide range of markets, from fixed income and currencies to commodities and equities. With extensive market experience and a wealth of different backgrounds our team provides hedge fund managers with tailor made services through a wide range of asset classes.

Hedge fund Managers benefit from a wide range of services available worldwide:
Risk arbitrage Equity derivatives Credit

  • Relative value
  • Special situations
  • Risk arbitrage
  • Long/short
  • Stub Trades
  • Share Class
  • Vanilla options
  • Option strategies
  • Variance swaps
  • Dispersion
  • Dividend Swaps
  • Exotics
  • Credit derivatives
  • Bonds
  • Credit indices
  • Options on credit default swaps
  • Structured Credit

Funds of funds

With recognized expertise in alternative investments, SG CIB is a key partner for hedge fund managers.

Tailoring leverage facilities to suit different investment objectives

  • Leveraging an existing hedge fund portfolio
  • Providing bridge-financing to improve cash management and investment flexibility
  • Providing a range of optional products in order to offer a guaranteed return on a fund

Through Lyxor Asset Management, our wholly owned subsidiary, fund of fund managers benefit from an additional range of services:

  • Access to a broad range of underlying assets: the largest and most representative platform composed of over 100 managed accounts; a list of approved hedge funds; exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Tailor-made services in designing funds of funds: legal wrappers to meet specific legal requirements; a dedicated allocation according to risk / management constraints etc.
  • Full fund management services ranging from the implementation of allocation and leverage policy to cash management and currency hedging
  • Risk monitoring and due diligence
  • Detailed fund reporting: performance analysis and detailed valuation (NAV, fund exposure, fund performance); risk and strategy analysis reports and risk exposure analysis (long/short net exposures by asset classes, instruments, sector and market capitalisation).