Asset managers

A large range of services dedicated to the management of your performance for all asset classes

Whatever your asset class - government bonds, agencies, investment grade & high yield, currencies, equities, commodities or cross asset, our goal is to answer your portfolio management needs by providing:

  • Global market information and trade ideas
  • Market access, direct exposure to securities
  • Short exposure
  • Repo and yield optimisation
  • Long position financing
  • Portfolio diversification and protection
  • Alpha Generation

A large range of services dedicated to the management of your performance

Research: With one of the most renown research teams in the industry and a unique cross-asset approach, we suggest trade ideas to increase diversification.
Cash: This advisory skill is coupled with first-class execution in rates, credit, forex, cash equity and commodities. Our strong trading experience and excellent electronic tools make SG CIB one of the first providers for most Top-Tier asset managers.
Derivatives: As a large liquidity provider in repo and equity finance and in flow derivatives, we offer a full range of financial instruments, from certificates and futures to dedicated swaps and dynamic portfolio swaps.

The speed and efficiency of our execution services, the relevance of our trade ideas and the quality of the client relationship are key to your collaboration with SG CIB. We also understand the importance of post trade services, and in this area also we stand out.

Fund-linked structures

We provide dedicated structuring services specifically built for mutual funds.

Building on your mutual funds as underlying assets, our solutions provide additional characteristics for final investors, such as capital protection, and exposure to the outperformance against a benchmark etc.

This combination of your asset management expertise with the benefits brought by our structuring solutions gives your clients a better match to their risk-return profile, often facilitating their investment decisions.