Responsible Finance

Environmental and social commitments are central to our activities

We consider that the banking and financial sector is an essential contributor to the economic development. Fully aware of our role in assisting the economic sphere, we are also committed to conducting our activities in a responsible way. Taking into account the economic, environmental and social consequences and impacts of its activities is a major focus of our sustainable development policy.

Based on continuous improvement, sustainable development as interpreted by Societe Generale draws on best practices of the banking and financial institutions, but also of the other economic sectors. Our objective is to better understand, manage and improve our impacts on society and the environment, in conjunction with our stakeholders.

Therefore, we have established the Environmental and Social (E&S) General Guidelines which are in line with our previous commitments. The E&S General Principles stem from the legal and regulatory framework applicable to our activities, as well as from the voluntary initiatives we have joined. They are implemented through processes and procedures adapted to our different activities.

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