Citizen Commitment

Making a real impact on social integration through education or employment

The ambition of our Citizenship Programme is to launch a pro-active movement of community involvement , which supports the Group’s commitments in the areas of professional and social inclusion. This initiative combines our corporate support to local communities with staff participation worldwide.

The programme focuses on the global theme of social inclusion via education, and aims to mobilise all our staff worldwide. Our approach, which is both global and local, aims to combine corporate support and staff participation, contributing not only with financial and human resources, but also with our business expertise.

In February 2008 a partnership initiated by SG CIB was launched between Société Générale Charitable Foundation and CARE, the international humanitarian organization.

Within this framework SG CIB donated EUR 1m over a three-year period 2008 – 2011. A further EUR 1.5m will be donated for the 2011-2013 period. These amounts do not include staff donations.

Our main projects are:

  • A school to fight exclusion in Peru

  • A school in a rural area in Mali

  • A project in Bangladesh to get children out of factories and back into school

  • A school and integration project in Morocco

  • A schooling-for-all project in Benin


Nearly 10,000 children have been helped so far.
Our decision to renew this programme will enable us to magnify the impact in the field of the funds already invested in each project. We will make sure that local communities assume ownership of sustainable initiatives.